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Spring 2011 Orientation

January 14, 2011


“You are the first class to enter the latest, greatest law school campus,” said Associate Dean Beth Kransberger as she welcomed the Spring 2011 class of law students to their orientation on Friday January 14, at the Westin Hotel, Horton Plaza..

“This day will be etched in your memories as one of the most significant days in your life,” Dean Rudy Hasl told the new enrollees. “This experience will change your lives forever and you will not be the same person when you have completed law school.”

Dean Hasl told the students that the law school is completely “invested in your success” and that “success depends on your willingness to fully engage in the process of your legal education.  But you’re not alone – we’ll be with you every step of the way.”

The student-centered culture of TJSL is what some new students say helped sway their decision to attend Thomas Jefferson.

“Everyone was so nice, helpful  and accommodating,” said 1L Lorena Garza, who will be a part-time student. “TJSL is so flexible with our schedules.”

1L Deborah Micev, also a part-time student, said she knows several current and former Thomas Jefferson students and she was impressed “by the way people spoke about their professors and the law school.” She says her friends said, “I love it and I adore my professors.”
Micev and her parents drove by the new law school building at 11th and Island the day before orientation and when they looked up at the new landmark building, they were so impressed that all they could say is: “Whoa.”

Dean Hasl told the students they will start law school in a “unique building, that is designed to facilitate  our vision of what a legal education should provide to you.”  He added, “It’s a day to celebrate because of the exciting opportunities which await you – even beyond what you can currently conceive now.”

And with that, the legal odyssey of the Spring 2011 entering class has begun.