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Street Law Students Visit Thomas Jefferson

March 19, 2013

Street Law Students
Street Law Students
Street Law Students

By Adeyinka Glover, 3L

On Friday, March 15, students from ALBA Community Day School came to Thomas Jefferson to tour the campus and sit in on Professor Ben Templin’s Contracts II class. ALBA students are a part of this year’s Street Law Program at TJSL.

“I liked it. Professor Templin actually gets you into it,” said Stephany Guera, an ALBA high school student who expressed  her thoughts about Professor Templin’s class.

“It was interesting and I liked listening,” said Michael Goodall, another ALBA student.

Street Law is a course taught at Thomas Jefferson School of Law  that allows TJSL students to teach teenagers from San Diego high schools about different aspects of the law that are applicable to them currently and as they progress into adulthood. Topics taught include how to create a law, search and seizure rights, and the juvenile justice system. The program ends with the teenagers competing in a mock trial competition against other schools in the Street Law Program.

This year Street Law is taking place at both ALBA Community Day School and Clairemont High School.

ALBA Street Law instructors, Adeyinka Glover 3L, Taly Haghighi 2L, and Monica Kazemi 2L, wanted to bring their students to the TJSL campus to pique their interest to attend college and even law school.

“Having our Street Law students visit campus today was so rewarding,” said Monica Kazemi 2L. “ We really want these bright  students to consider all the opportunities the world can offer  them and bringing them to Thomas Jefferson not only shows how  much we care for their well-being and success but allows them to see where a little hard work can take you.”

“It is an honor to teach Street Law at ALBA,” said Taly Haghighi 2L.” The students are very intelligent, and I am looking forward to their final trial.”

The final mock trial competition will take place in late April.