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Student Academics Committee Provides Insight into Changes on Campus

February 11, 2014

Fellow Classmates,

As we settle into our mid-semester grooves, the Student Academics Committee (affectionately, ‘SAC’) thinks it would be interesting to assess our individual and collective experiences thus far.  Currently, our school is transitioning to a progressive and intensive academic curriculum, and the transition should not occur absent student feedback and commentary. 

So, how do you really feel about TJSL’s curriculum and pedagogy?  Are you satisfied with the range of courses offered at TJSL?  How about the testing and ranking policies? 

Over the next few weeks, SAC will request and gather your student commentary.  We aim to prepare a formal report and present our findings to the faculty and administration as they consider and implement permanent changes to our academic program.
The future of our Academic Program affects us in many ways.  For those graduating in the near future, certain changes to the program can define our legacy; and who doesn’t love a good legacy? 

For those not thinking about anything other than promissory estoppel, these imminent changes to the Academic Program will directly affect you for the next few years; we hope that prospect compels you to respond swiftly, with a clear and resounding voice to your genuine concerns. 

This survey provides an opportunity to reflect on our individual experiences as TJSL law students, so that we can improve the collective experience in the future.  No matter your class year, your input is an essential piece to the student community puzzle. 

           Your Student Academics Committee