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Student Bar Association Professionalism Panel

September 14, 2010

Professionalism Panel

Joshua Tallman
Student Bar Association, 2L Class Representative, Writer

A Thomas Jefferson School of Law SBA Professionalism Panel took place on September 8, featuring two distinguished judges and three experienced lawyers from the San Diego community. The students in attendance gained valuable information on what potential employers are looking for on resumes and cover letters as well as the proper attire and appropriate conversation during job interviews.

SBA President Jeremy Evans, 3L and SBA-SDCBA (San Diego County Bar Association) Representative, Pejman Kharrazian, 3L, started the evening off by thanking everyone for attending and introducing the panelists as well as the evening’s moderator, TJSL Professor Leah Christensen, asked the panelists questions ranging from suggestions on resume writing to proper attire and interview etiquette.

Attorney Jon Epsten ’82 explained to students that newly hired lawyers have a tendency to dress down and discouraged those in attendance from doing so. Epsten told students that employers as well as judges would respect them more if they are always dressed professionally.

Both the judges and attorneys stated that students resumes should be unique to the position they are applying to, not “form” letters, and not to embellish on resumes, because employers will find out and you will ruin your credibility. Attorney Jennifer Creighton emphasized that students needed to ensure that their resumes are free of spelling and grammatical errors as a resume is an example of your best work product. The attorneys also stated that all of them had encountered interviewees who were too comfortable and that while students need to show confidence, they need to be respectful and mindful of their audience.

All the students who attended walked away with invaluable knowledge of what employers were looking for and how to carry themselves at events and interviews.

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law Student Bar Association would like to thank distinguished panelists and moderator for their time: Judge Lillian Y. Lim ’77, Judge Polly Haisha Shamoon, Attorney Jennifer Creighton, Attorney Jon H. Epsten, Attorney Marc B. Geller, Professor Leah Christensen