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Students Receive the Opportunity to Speak First Hand With Elected Officials in San Diego

November 10, 2013

I hosted the event to help people who are interested in the political sector get firsthand knowledge of how to effectively pursue a career in the field. The event was great! The elected officials gave really practical advise on how to enter the political field.  The advice they gave really seemed to resonate with high school students and law school students in attendance.

The law students who participate in CLIMB are so active in their efforts to create a positive impact on the lives of young Crawford High School students. I wanted to give them an outlet to add to the positive work they do with the Crawford High School students.

The number one thing that stood out at the end of the event is the number of students that gave me their information with the request that I contact them to become involved. One law student approached me and explained how she was always so active in political campaigns in her home state and how she would like to do so here in San Diego. Many other high school students inquired on how they could volunteer. The event was a complete success.