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September 18, 2012

Our school community is proudly made up of students and faculty from all over the world.  We come from different hometowns, religions, politics, personal views and walks of life.   We have all had various jobs, obligations, and commitments over the summer.  However, we all share that unique bond that brings us to America’s Finest City – back to school.

For the returning 2L and 3L students: it is back to our home away from home.  To the new incoming 1L students: welcome to the Thomas Jefferson community and congratulations on your acceptance into law school.

As this year’s Editor-In-Chief of The Jeffersonian, I am honored to help lead a group of students that spend their free time giving the student body a strong, proud voice.  I am also excited to tackle the tremendous responsibility of keeping our community informed of legal developments in the local, national, and international communities.

Good luck on this upcoming year and simply remember that we are five hours from Vegas and five minutes from the beach!

Kevin Donovan
SBA Vice-President
Editor-In-Chief of The Jeffersonian