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The Daily Transcript: Thomas Jefferson School of Law Exceeds Enrollment Projections

October 5, 2015

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Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which has faced financial challenges in recent years, exceeded its enrollment goal for this fall by about 18 percent.

The San Diego school reported that 218 students enrolled, while it had projected 185 would be part of the incoming class. The fall 2015 enrollment was also a six-percent increase over the year prior.

Thomas Guernsey, president and dean of Thomas Jefferson, said he was thrilled with the numbers in the midst of a climate in which law schools applications nationwide are down and enrollment has fallen.

He said the class demonstrates the school’s effective work to do a better job promoting what Thomas Jefferson has to offer.

“What our enrollment reflects is our efforts to get out what is really happening here at the law school, to communicate about the excellent program we have, to communicate our commitment to diversity and to communicate about our skills programs,” Guernsey said. “I think it is starting to pay off.”

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