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The Jeffersonian

August 31, 2011


3L Bryce Dodds is not only excited about graduating in a few months, but ecstatic about the fact that he is easily able to sell his many law books that he’s accumulated over the past three years via The Jeffersonian’s online Classified Section. “My shelf is a little emptier and my wallet is a little fuller,” Bryce said.

The Jeffersonian, Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s very own newspaper run by the students and for the students, has gone online this semester to provide the community with the latest news while offering new and exciting features, such as a the Classifieds. 

Students who are in need of purchasing a book or finding a roommate may utilize the Classifieds, which is quickly becoming a big hit on campus. The Classifieds are easy to access upon logging in with your student ID, which ensures that the service is used by TJSL students only. Sections within The Classifieds that students can post include: Books for Sale, Books Wanted, Clickers For Sale, and Furniture for Sale, among many others. A miscellaneous section has also been established for students to sell anything that doesn’t  fit into the others, such as unique clothing or collectable items.

“This service is awesome- It’s an easy way to unload all of my books and it’s a cheap way for students to buy them,” Bryce said. “My ads will reach the right audience and I know the people contacting me are TJSL students rather than sketchy people.”

The “Objections” section of The Jeffersonian also allows the TJSL community to become active with the newspaper. Students are given an opportunity to voice their opinion (or in other words, “object”) about whatever they please. The objections are then posted on the website for others to read, giving faculty and administration a chance to fix an issue that may arise. You can even “like” an objection on Facebook or re-tweet it via Twitter.

As a student newspaper, The Jeffersonian online edition reports on news and current events within the TJSL community, as well as San Diego and in some cases major world events. Commentators and columnists will voice their take on these events in the “Opinion” section of the website.

The Jeffersonian, which is now one of the only law school student newspapers to have an online edition, also plans to broaden the horizons of its content alongside its new move. Look forward to more new features this semester, including sports stories and profiles of notable TJSL faculty members and students.  

“Our newspaper is produced by a dedicated group of students and we are happy to finally go online,” Scott Greenwood, 3L and The Jeffersonian Managing Editor said. “With the print version we were only publishing one issue each month and now with our online edition, we are able to update our content as often as necessary. As The Jeffersonian sets its sights on an ABA award, we look forward to an exciting and productive, and hopefully entertaining year.”

All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute material to The Jeffersonian. If you are interested in writing for us, please email