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The Last Week of the 2013 Nice Program by Professor Susan Tiefenbrun (Photos by Samantha Morales)

July 18, 2013

Nice, France
Nice, France
Nice, France

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

It is hard to believe that the Nice Program 2013 is now coming to an end. This is the 22 year of the Nice Program. Students are busy right now taking final exams in the four courses offered in the program: international human rights, international and comparative drug control laws, international trade and finance, and international intellectual property. Each course is worth 2 credits, and all students take 2 courses.

This year we had a dream team of law professors including Ben Templin, Richard Winchester,  Alex Kreit, Susan Tiefenbrun and Justice Richard Goldstone. Students came from 7 different law schools to study in our program. There were 21 students from different countries in Europe studying with our 44 American law students. The students and professors traveled far and wide on three-day weekends to London, Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Florence, San Remo, Russia, and many other beautiful cities and countries of Europe.

The food here is unbelievably fresh and delicious. Strawberries and watermelon are too delicious to describe. You simply have to be here to experience this culinary wonder. We all appreciated the great lectures relating to international and comparative law by experts such as Justice Richard Goldstone, Judge Caroline Charpentier, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, Dr. Chen Ke, and Professor Randy Grossman. Dean Rudy Hasl and Lisa Ferreira joined us for this year’s Nice Program, and their participation greatly enhanced the program for all of us. We all became good friends after this fascinating adventure in international law in an international and cosmopolitan setting on the French Riviera. What could be better? Join us next year!

Professor Susan Tiefenbrun

Founding Director, Nice Study Abroad International Law Program