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The Touchscreens Are Your Friends

August 19, 2011

The Touchscreens Are Your Friends

Wondering where your classroom or professor’s office is?  Hungry for a bite to eat but don’t know the good restaurants in our neighborhood?  Looking for an opportunity to meet fellow students at an event? You can find this information on the TJSL touchscreens, which are located on every floor next to the elevators. Some floors have more than one touchscreen for your convenience!

The interactive touchscreens, which are synced with the internet, are designed to make the busy lives of TJSL students a little easier. At the top of the screen, you can find the time, date and current weather conditions. You also can find Padres game information, including stats and when the next game is scheduled. If you find yourself on campus during a game day, you can see the score and stats live as the game is happening.

The main page of the touchscreen also displays campus announcements and event posters. You can find information such as a class schedule, club events and upcoming networking opportunities and workshops. Scroll down on either side to see the different announcements and events. At the bottom of the touchscreen, you will find ways to easier navigate the campus and the East Village area. 

The East Village directory, which you can access by clicking the button at the bottom right of the touchscreen, shows restaurants, entertainment and other businesses that are nearby. It displays the location of the business on the map as well as the contact information and, most importantly, the Yelp rating.

The building map can be accessed on the touchscreen by clicking the button at the bottom right of the touch screen.  A map of every floor of the building is viewable. The map, which displays the touchscreen at which you are located on campus, shows the different classroom locations, staff and faculty offices, the library and study areas, and the legal clinics.

You can check out the solar data by clicking the button at the bottom right of the touchscreen, which details the environmental benefits of the campus. It shows the amount of power that TJSL is getting from the sun as well as the ambient temperature around the solar panels on the roof.

If you would like to locate a faculty member of staff member, you can utilize the People and Places tool on the bottom left of the touchscreen. If you type in a person’s name, it will display that person’s office location on the map to the right. It will also include a photo and contact info.

Have fun navigating the touch screens!  If you have any problems, email the Communications Office know and someone will be happy to assist.