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Thomas Jefferson Faculty Speaking at Venues Across the Country and Abroad

February 15, 2018

This spring, members of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law faculty are speaking at venues across the country and even abroad. “We don’t often stop to think about the incredible brain trust represented by our faculty. I am so honored to work with this talented group of scholars,” noted Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Scholarship Susan Bisom-Rapp. The off-campus speaking engagements of faculty members during the spring 2018 semester evidence the depth and breadth of expertise in our community. This spring, Professors Alex Kreit, Brenda Simon, Claire Wright, Ellen Waldman, Kaimi Wenger, Kath Rogers, Ken Vandevelde, KJ Greene, Madeline Kass, Marjorie Cohn, Maurice Dyson, Meera Deo, Rebecca Lee, Richard Winchester, Sandy Rierson, Susan Tiefenbrun, and Susan Bisom-Rapp are busy representing the law school through their travels. The lineup of faculty speaking engagements is available here.