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Thomas Jefferson School of Law Announces New Partnership with BARBRI

November 28, 2018

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is pleased to announce a new relationship with BARBRI, the bar preparation company chosen by the vast majority of law students across the nation.  Our agreement will provide students with increased resources during law school and help decrease the burden of post-graduation costs. 

Interim Dean Linda Keller said, “We are excited to partner with BARBRI to offer our students increased access to BARBRI’s resources from their first year to graduation and on to bar review.  Our faculty are eager to take advantage of these resources to better prepare our students for the bar, including the exceptionally difficult California Bar Exam.” 

The agreement will provide greater opportunities for integration of BARBRI materials to support student success in law school and on the bar.  It will also allow students to spread out the costs of preparing for the bar and to gain access to materials while in school.  Students who began their law school career in Fall 2018 or who start in Fall 2019 will have access to a virtually free BARBRI course.  Other current students will have access to the full post-graduate BARBRI course at a deeply discounted rate, along with access to augmented resources during their remaining semesters in law school.

BARBRI President, Mike Sims, added, “This partnership reflects a growing trend in legal education in the U.S. BARBRI looks forward to working closely with Thomas Jefferson School of Law students and faculty to increase outcomes throughout law school and on the ultimate final exam – the bar exam.”