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Thomas Jefferson School of Law Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Law Aaron Schwabach on KPBS Midday Edition

November 23, 2016

It does look stormy early in the week or from knee-jerk reaction to a possible ballot measure. It just two weeks supposed to California to secede from the United States that collects it has moved closer to mainstream consideration. On Monday they guess California group filed a proposed ballot measure with the attorney general’s office at weather. On the November 2018 gubernatorial ballot. Forces section is to the election of Donald Trump is a final indication the California a longer shares the goals, aims or ideology of the red states and would be far better off as its own nation. Joining me as a supporter of Cal exit, he’s an associate Dean a strategic initiatives and professor of law at Thomas Jefferson school of law and scan Diego. To listen to the rest of the discussion, click here.