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Thomas Jefferson School of Law Center for Criminal Law & Policy Director Alex Kreit’s chapter on Marijuana Legalization appears in Four-Volume Report on Reforming Criminal Justice

November 2, 2017

Reforming Criminal Justice is a four-volume report meant to enlighten reform efforts in the United States with the research and analysis of leading academics. Broken down into individual chapters—each authored by a top scholar in the relevant field—the report covers dozens of topics within the areas of criminalization, policing, pretrial and trial processes, punishment, incarceration, and release. The chapters seek to enhance both professional and public understanding of the subject matter, to facilitate an appreciation of the relevant scholarly literature and the need for reform, and to offer potential solutions. The ultimate goal is to increase the likelihood of success when worthwhile reforms are debated, put to a vote or otherwise considered for action, and implemented in the criminal justice system. 

The complete report can be read here (Professor Kreit’s chapter appears in pp.115-137 of Volume 1)

To read Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor Alex Kreit’s chapter, click here