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TJSL 3L Secures Litigation and Sports & Entertainment Law Internship in Nevada

June 13, 2013

Mathew Work Secures Exciting Litigation and Sports & Entertainment Law Internshi

By Randolph C. Reliford, Esq., Associate Director of Career Services

Third-year law student Mathew Work will be working at Joey Gilbert & Associates as a Certified Summer Associate. Even more exciting, Work also signed an employment contract with the firm for a position after graduation. He has worked with this firm previously and is already looking forward to returning after law school. Under Nevada law, a Certified Summer Associate can represent clients in court and perform other attorney responsibilities. Work will make court appearances under the supervision of Joey Gilbert ‘03, the president of the firm. He will be able to learn litigation techniques and style from Gilbert. 

Work is enthusiastic about his internship. “In addition to building one of the most successful criminal defense firms in Nevada, Joey Gilbert & Associates has also built what is becoming a very reputable Sports and Entertainment practice,” said Work. “Because of his success as a professional boxer, Mr. Gilbert understands the business from an angle that I would have never had the chance to see without his tutelage.” Further, Work says “I’m a 24/7 ESPN Sports fanatic and former collegiate football and lacrosse player. So, the idea of having the chance to work with professional athletes really has me excited.”

Work is thankful for the resources that TJSL has and he took full advantage of them while looking for his internship. When asked if the school was helpful in his search, Work says, “Absolutely, as a 1L Mr. Reliford made it very clear to me that the past ways of securing an internship and a job for that matter are exactly that, the past. In today’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter world, faxing a resume simply won’t cut it. It’s your responsibility to use the resources TJSL provides to your benefit.”

Work has some prudent advice for students seeking work in other jurisdictions, and in particular Nevada. “Network, network, network! You’ll put yourself in a much stronger position when an employer can put a face, a story, or an experience to your name. With that said, your ability to excel in law school and the hard work put into achieving in law school are still paramount. Don’t confuse the importance of networking with the dire importance of performing well in law school. Put another way, networking opened the door for me, the skills, success and knowledge obtained at TJSL may very well have kept it open.” 

Please join us in congratulating Matthew Work and wishing for his successful summer.