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TJSL Alumni Staying Involved, Getting Connected and Giving Back

May 10, 2013

Alumni Swear-In
Alumni Swear-In
Alumni Swear-In
Alumni Swear-In

By Stephanie Marquez, Development and Alumni Relations Coordinator

The new Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors were sworn in by Dean Rudy Hasl on Wednesday, May 8 in the Moot Courtroom.

The courtroom was filled with 19 TJSL alums who graduated from 1981 to 2012. This group of alums are up for the challenge and the enjoyable experience of being on the board. They are ready and willing to give back and serve the school they feel has given so much to them. An orientation was held after the swearing in ceremony where the new board heard from several key TJSL administration members.

Dean Rudy Hasl welcomed the new board and thanked them for the time they will be serving this coming year. Dean Beth Kransberger, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, presented to the board some of the challenges the student body is facing and offered several areas where she believes the board could focus their attention. Dean Kransberger said if they are not already doing so or know other alums who can offer placement and skills training to current students that will always be very beneficial for our students. Beverly Bracker, Director of Career Services, shared with the board the benefits of the Symplicity program and how it can be used as a mentorship tool, for paid and unpaid job postings as well as another great way to share information between students and alums. Dean William Byrnes, Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs, spoke to the board about the TJSL LL.M. program and how alums can further their education in taxation, international taxation, or wealth management which can open opportunities for a very worthwhile career choice if that is an area of interest.

President Emeritus of the Alumni Association, Renee Galente ’08, shared the history of the board, how the board functions and operates, the different roles and opportunities within committees that are available, and all of the activities and events the Alumni Association hosts throughout the year. Galente also shared how important financial contribution by the board is because the school receives grant funding based on one hundred percent board participation, regardless of the amount given. Furthermore, Galente also stressed how this is truly about our students and their success and the manner in which the board plays a critical role in supporting the student body in various ways, comparable to how they were once supported by alums while in law school.

The mission of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Association is to promote and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between Thomas Jefferson School of Law and all of its alumni. The Association is dedicated to serving alumni by providing social, educational and professional opportunities. The Association is dedicated to supporting the law school’s educational mission.

Students are welcome to attend the upcoming Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m., 8th Floor TJSL.

Board and committee positions will be nominated and selected during the next board meeting.

If you are a student and would like to be involved with the Alumni Association there is a Student Outreach Committee that would appreciate hearing your ideas on student involvement and possibly collaborating with student projects.

Please RSVP /Send inquiries regarding student involvement to- Stephanie Marquez

                           2013-2014 Board of Directors

Ben Aguilar 2011 Board Member
David Beavans  2008 Board Member
Robert Bello 2009 Board Member
Kendall Berkey 1994 Board Member
Eric Bernsen  2012 Board Member
Gary Bloch 1981 Board Member
Jeremy Evans 2011 Board Member
Michael  Flemming 2008 Board Member
Renee Galente 2008 President Emeritus
Eric Ganci 2008 Board Member
David  Gibbs 2012 Board Member
Brett Goda 2011 Board Member
Sabrina Green 2002 Board Member
Michael Jonas 2009 Board Member
Salim Khawaja 1993 Board Member
Lacy J Lodes 2008 Board Member
Flavio Nominati 2011 Board Member
Philip A.  Shapiro 1985 Board Member
Lorena Slomanson 2003 Board Member
Amanda Thompson 2007 Board Member
Rebeca Valenzuela 2009 Board Member
Erik Vieira 2002 Board Member
Damika Webb 2009 Board Member (Outside CA)
Michael  Weiner 2009 Board Member
Sterling Williams 2011 Board Member (Outside SD County)