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TJSL at Crawford High School

September 27, 2011


Written by Clinton Minus 2L

TJSL is now in its second year of an association with Crawford High School, exemplified by the  Crawford Legal Institute & Mentorship Bond Program (CLIMB) that Professors Dyson and Slomanson oversee.

The event held on September 22 featured an intriguing experience for the students at Crawford High School’s Law Academy. Professor Slomanson spoke to the youth in Crawford administrator Steve Luttbeg’s class about International Law.

Before diving into the topic, Professor Slomanson engaged the youth by discussing his blue-collar upbringing in Pennsylvania and his challenging journey from high school to law school. This instantly grabbed the attention of the tenth grade students in Crawford’s Law and Business Academy classroom.

Professor Slomanson then discussed law school and its problem-solving focus. He told the students that law school, like life, is not as much about getting the right answer as being about asking the right questions.

The students listened intently as Professor Slomanson explained basic principles and practical application of International Law in today’s world. He ended his presentation with an exciting question and answer session. Students asked thoughtful questions, ranging from State Bar requirements to trial experiences. Professor Slomanson graciously answered all questions.

Professor Slomanson was the first speaker at the Crawford Legal Academy for this school year. Crawford High School’s Legal Academy, in collaboration with CLIMB, plans to have speakers on Constitutional Law, Immigration Law and Tort Law in the weeks to come. If you would like to speak or volunteer with CLIMB, please e-mail Clinton Minus at