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TJSL Donates Books to Crawford High School

September 3, 2010


A couple of truckloads of law books were loaded up in front of TJSL’s library on Thursday morning September 2, to be taken over to San Diego’s Crawford High School.

The books are all legal books that have been withdrawn from the collection on the shelves at TJSL.

“We are donating 4,676 volumes of dated or duplicate books and book sets, which had a total purchase value of over $350,000,” said Patrick Meyer, Acting Library Director at TJSL. “I am very proud of the hundreds of hours of work that library staff, under the supervision of Tom Champagne and Leigh Inman, has undertaken over the past one and a half years in devotion to this project. In addition, we couldn’t be happier that the books will go to such a worthy cause. We are thrilled to have been given this opportunity.”

The book donation was arranged by Steve Luttbeg, a retired attorney who volunteers at Crawford, and he tells us that the books will also be shared with several other high schools.

According to Luttbeg, “Our school is a small theme high school known as the Crawford School of Law and Business. I teach Business Law, a course in Careers in Criminal Justice. This fall we are opening a Center for Social Justice which will be home to the San Diego Teen Court, a peer mediation program, as well as advocating for services needed in our community. The books will be our ‘law library’ and used as source materials for the benefit of the ‘Center’ and assist in educating our students in how to research. We also do mock trials {civil and criminal} and motion/appeals exercises, where the library adds a whole new dimension to these lessons.”

Several TJSL professors also volunteer at Crawford, including Professor Bill “Pro Slo” Slomanson who says “Crawford High School is the most diverse school in San Diego Unified School District, with around 50 languages spoken by the students.”