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TJSL Grads and Close Friends Sevy Fisher & Brandon Simon Joining Same Law Firm

June 21, 2013

Sevy Fisher & Brandon Simon

Sevy Fisher and Brandon Simon got to be best of friends during law school at TJSL.  They graduated together in May.  And now they are going to work together after they take the bar exam in July – at the Simon Law Group, where two of Simon’s brothers are partners.

In fact, both are employed at the Los Angeles firm now – both Fisher and Simon as law clerks.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work for the Simon Law Group for many reasons,” said Fisher.  “Two seem to stick out the most.  First and foremost would have to be the relationships I have developed with the Simon family. I am going to work with a group of people whom I respect not only as business people but also as a second family. I have participated in many social outings with the Simon families that have solidified the very reason I want to work for the Simon Law Group.  These include charity Golf tournaments for the Los Angeles Clippers and Orange County Judges, Trial attorney Galas, and even simply kayaking through the La Jolla caves or going out with “Big Bob” (The retired Patriarch) for a drink on the weekends.  They are a group of people who put their family first, and this is something that I admire and is rare in today’s society.

“Second, the Simon Law Group is an extremely successful law firm with relationships all over southern California and has the ability to provide me with the resources to be one of the best trial attorneys in all of California.  My dream has always been to be a trial attorney and win cases for my clients.  The Simon Law Group has started the process of this dream coming true.

For Brandon Simon, the law firm is not only a true family affair, but a dream come true.

“The biggest reason that I am excited about ‘re-joining’ the Simon Law Group full-time in August is that I get to once again return working with my two best friends – my brothers, Robert and Brad.  The Simon Law Group was formed in the Fall of 2009 and was a dream that my brothers and I shared since we were young – to work together and form a successful business that gives back to the community – all of which have come to fruition. 

“It started with my brother Robert and I sharing a one room office in a West Los Angeles skyscraper and it quickly grew into a major civil litigation firm in Los Angeles operating out of two buildings with about a dozen employees. The firm has grown exponentially since I left to study law and I’m very much looking forward to returning to the firm and experiencing the changes that have been made over the past three years.

“Secondly, I’m looking forward to interacting and building relationships with the many clients – of both past and present – that The Simon Law Group represents.  There are many clients that we have assisted over the years that have become close friends of the firm and I very much look forward to helping them as an attorney and not just a law clerk. 

“Lastly, I’m looking forward to growing as an attorney and forming a trial team with my close friend Sevy. We are being given a tremendous opportunity and freedom that we would not be given at  many other firms.   I couldn’t think of another person that I would want to share this journey alongside.” 

Both Fisher and Simon feel that their TJSL experience prepared them for this opportunity.

“The best thing TJSL did was telling me to get out and network and meet the great people in the profession,” Fisher said.  “I already considered myself to be a very social person, so this came easy for me.  I developed a friendship with Brandon, we became golfing buddies, and now we are looking forward to becoming a successful trial team (while golfing on the weekends).  TJSL gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and establish a professional/family network that will follow me for a lifetime.”   

“TJSL, much like any law school experience, taught me to be humble and to work hard for success and not to strive for mediocrity,” said Simon.  “It taught me the importance of building relationships with my classmates and to view them as future colleagues in the field and not just fellow students.”