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TJSL Hosted Moscow State University Professors and Students

January 26, 2015

On Monday, January 26, twenty-one Moscow State University (MSU) professors and students met with Dean Thomas Guernsey who welcomed them to the Thomas Jefferson School of law. “TJSL is a great law school,” said one of the visiting MSU students. “All of the professors I met use effective methods while teaching students in their classes. I hope the links between MSU and TJSL will strengthen and I hope that they flourish.”

While visiting California from January 25th-30th, TJSL’s special guests met with Professor Aaron Schwabach and Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Programs William Byrnes to learn about TJSL’s JD and LL.M. programs. “After this trip and having this experience, I am thinking of taking the LL.M. program and returning to California,” said MSU student Roman Dubyansky.

They also met with Professor Thom Golden who presented an Introduction to US Law class. “It was difficult to imagine that the program at TJSL would be so informative, amazing, and unforgettable. The school has the cleverest professors, the richest library, and the best atmosphere. I’ll never forget my visit to San Diego and TJSL,” said Alim Ulbashe.      

Throughout the week, the Russian students attended a number of TJSL classes. “The lectures were very informative and useful,” said one MSU visitor. “Students at TJSL were very polite and friendly. They always wanted to help and tell us more about the U.S.A. and the school. All of the teachers are great specialists and I am proud to have had such an experience.”  

Also included in their experience was a visit to the Federal Courthouse where they observed court proceedings, and had a question and answer session with Judge Anthony Battaglia. “I am so thankful for this experience,” said L. Liasev. “I will remember this for my whole life.”

They also attended a Federal Jobs Panel where they heard from a US Marshal, a US Attorney, a Federal Defender, a Courtroom Deputy, a Court Interpreter, a Court Reporter, a U.S. Probation Office, and a representative with the U.S. Pretrial Services Office.

Alumna Camille Guerra ’04, who is an attorney with the CaseyGerry law firm, arranged a visit for the visitors. Alumni Association Board member Lorena Slomanson ’03, who is an attorney with Legal Aid offices at the downtown Superior Court, also arranged a visit for The Moscow State University Professors and students.

This group is here due to the efforts of Professor William Slomanson, who is Russian. “My several visits to MSU set the stage for this program,” said Professor Slomanson. “Professors Claire Wright and Dean Byrnes’ subsequent visits later helped to solidify our academic association. The MSU group is here as a result of our program, whereby our professors go to Moscow to lecture, and their law students can visit TJSL with a view toward hopefully attending our graduate programs. We are quite honored that they chose to spend a week with us.”

“I’m very grateful to Professor Slomanson for this exceptional opportunity to be in San Diego,” said Moscow State University Professor Gaya Davidyan.

“Moscow State University has historically been ranked as the top university in all 15 former Soviet Republics,” said Professor Slomanson. “So we are of course pleased that 6 MSU professors and 15 law graduates—all of whom are now pursuing their Ph.D.’s in law—visited TJSL.”