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TJSL Intramural Basketball

March 24, 2015

Intramural athletics has brought some excitement in years past but this basketball season might have topped them off. The competiveness of the league brought rival games and tough competition. The competition brought injuries to some, frustration to others, and glory to a select few.

The field of teams were scattered with talent but the top four teams, three from TJSL and one from Cal West, brought an exciting day for playoff basketball.

The championship game was a rematch of the top two teams. The first meeting between the two teams included an altercation and a game winning buzzer beater, which set up for a thrilling championship game. Although the championship game did not end in a buzzer beater it ended with the number two-seeded Sports Law Society team taking out the top seed. Congratulations to the Sports Law Society team for winning the intramural basketball championship!

Look for intramural softball coming up next followed by an intramural dodgeball tournament on April 11.

Thomas Jefferson’s intramural sports are a privilege. Our school, as well as SBA, allow us to play and sacrifice other things, so we can all play and enjoy a little friendly competition. In the end that’s all it is, friendly competition, all for the sake of fun. That being said, all future students that participate in intramural sports need to keep in mind that when they play in the respective intramural leagues they are not only representing themselves but they are also representing the school. Fighting, disrespect, vulgar and disrespectful language are not warranted and will not be tolerated. If another player is getting under your skin, be the bigger person and act sensible. After all the hard work we put in as students, it is not worth the possible consequences of losing it all by doing something irrational over an intramural game. In the end we play for fun and camaraderie, so be good sports and represent yourself and your school in a positive way.