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TJSL Intramural Football

October 27, 2014

Thanks to the newly appointed athletics committee, consisting of Montez Harrison, Chris Arce, and Adam Edel, this year’s intramural sports have gotten off to a great start on the flag football field. There have been a few blowouts and some exciting comebacks that have gone down to the wire, requiring every second on the clock to get the victory. Player morale throughout the league has gone from excitement to let down to jubilation. The competiveness has turned intramural football into a weekly spectacle that every team eagerly anticipates, and as the season winds down, the anticipation for soccer and a fresh start to a new season builds.

In the next few weeks intramural soccer will take the main stage, as the sport of choice for the student athletes of Thomas Jefferson.

Like football, soccer has, in the past, drawn good student turnouts with lots of tough competition, so start looking forward to what should be a great soccer season! E-mails will be sent and flyers will be posted to inform students on where and how to sign up.

The Athletic Committee would also like to help relieve some of the stress caused by midterms and finals, by hosting an intramural dodge-ball tournament. Be on the lookout for flyers and emails regarding the first ever TJSL dodge-ball tournament, coming next month!

TJSL Athletics is not only about playing sports and keeping a competitive edge. It is also about preserving TJSL’s positive image within the local community. In an effort to further that notion, TJSL’s SBA recently passed a new bylaw, which creates a community outreach aspect of intramural sports. Starting this flag football season, and continuing at the end of each subsequent sports season in 2014-15, randomly selected athletes from randomly selected teams will be asked to stay at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA after the championship game, simply to play sports with local underprivileged children. Typically the sport played will be the seasonal sport (i.e. football, soccer, etc), and anyone can volunteer his or her time. For more questions about the TJSL
Athletics Community Outreach Program, please contact Chris Arce at

Finally, along with giving back to the community, TJSL Athletics is constantly trying to bring their students and alumni together, in an effort to network and create solidarity amongst the TJSL family. As part of that effort, beginning this year with soccer, we will be reaching out to alumni and inviting them to either join a team or form their own. This should not only bring a little extra money to the program’s budget, it should also facilitate networking in a more laid back (albeit competitive), social environment.

The team leading TJSL Athletics looks forward to the upcoming year of sports and hopes to see every student (and now alumni) out there joining in the fun.