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TJSL Mock Trial Team Has a Strong Performance

October 18, 2010

Mock Trial Team Members

Inspiration and Motivation: The TJSL Mock Trial Team tied for third place at this weekend’s SDDL (San Diego Defense Lawyers) Competition.

By Vako Artinian, 2L, TJSL Mock Trial Team Member

What do you get when you mix 4 to 5 nights a week, 5 to 6 hours a day, a strong work ethic, a never-ending desire to be the best, pure determination, mental maturity and straight up raw talent? You get the TJSL Mock Trial team, who just tied last weekend for third place at the annual SDDL (San Diego Defense Lawyers) mock trial competition in downtown San Diego.

Two teams were sent from TJSL, and both received high praise by the judges who themselves were seasoned attorneys and judges. Twenty teams competed in two days of intense “Round 1” competition, and our very own Team B advanced to the Final Four on Saturday! Team B, a clever combination of veterans and talented newcomers, was comprised of team captain James Praley, Krishiv Mukherji, Ashley Whitham and Pratik Shah. They went toe-to-toe with the team from Cal Berkeley law. It was a bitter battle with both teams displaying their respective prowess. Berkeley was very technical, mechanical, and robotic even. TJSL added the flavor, flair and personality. Both teams knew the case inside and out, but when the dust settled, Berkeley advanced to the final round by a margin of a single point!

Mock Trial Coach Jane Siegel, who is also an adjunct professor here at TJSL, gave her impression on the team’s overall performance. “The students showed incredible will power and tenacity to learn all the material and put up with me as their coach. They made huge strides as advocates. Each of the team members represented the school in a winning manner.” Team A comprised of Claire Kintanar, Kevin Bergt, Ryan “Storms” Storms and Kevin Lawless who all fought with inspiring tenacity and fearlessness. The TJSL Mock Trial team is now preparing for yet another competition next month in Buffalo, New York.

Do yourself a favor and give a high-five when you see a member of the Mock Trial team! The future is looking bright as we head into the brand new courtroom in the spring!