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TJSL Mock Trial Team is Going to Texas to Compete

February 26, 2013

Mock Trial Texas

On March 20, the TJSL Mock Trial Team will compete in  the 2013 South Texas Mock Trial Challenge in Houston, Texas. Coached by Professors Lilys McCoy, Lea Fields-Bernard  and Alumna Ashley Clark, teammates Charles Lollar 2L, Milena Celentano 2L, Javier Vargas 2L and James Wriston 2L will compete against 32 other schools, including Georgetown, Fordham and William and Mary.

Each team will argue three preliminary rounds, after which sixteen teams will advance based on (1) win-loss record; (2) number of judges ballots won; and (3) trial brief ranking, which is to be submitted prior to the competition, on March 1.

The problem is a fictitious child custody case, titled ‘In re: Baby Boy Fitzwallace,’ involving a surrogacy agreement gone awry. Percy and Gail Fitzwallace are moving for custody of their child, Baby Ed, after the surrogate mother, Ainsley Hayes, has refused to sign over the custody rights of Baby Ed. Petitioners must prove, through clear and convincing evidence, that the current placement of Baby Ed is not in the child’s best interest.

Given their recent win at the TYLA Regional Competition, the team is excited to compete again. “We’re riding the wave of our recent win in Tucson and are anxious to compete for our school again,” says Vargas. “Robert, Jay B. and Mike have set the bar high,” says Wriston.

Lollar adds, “We are working hard and hoping to keep the momentum going in the South Texas Mock Trial Challenge.”