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TJSL Phi Alpha Delta Franklin Chapter News

October 4, 2010


The Phi Alpha Delta Franklin Chapter has had a busy and exciting start to the school year. They hosted a successful recruitment event at the Coronado Yacht Club during 1L orientation weekend on August 12.

Thanks to its marshal, Eric Bernsen, and his proactive recruitment strategies, the chapter has already surpassed its previous record of 67 initiates a year to an amazing 76 new members in just one semester! PAD representatives say they are looking forward  to the possibility of earning the 100 New Member Award at the end of the school year. In addition, TJSL hosted the District 30 conference on 9/11 and welcomed Attorney and District Justice Jennifer DelToro as well as board members from San Diego and Orange County Chapters.

The Franklin Chapter has also just implemented an  exciting new 1L mentorship program in whick every new 1L member is assigned to a successful 2L or 3L member to seek advice and support. With an enthusiastic board and new ideas, the Franklin Chapter earned the “Most Outstanding Chapter” award at the District Conference. The TJSL chapter is striving not only for the success of their chapter this year, but to each individual member of the fraternity.

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Congratulation these Phi Alpha Delta
1L Representatives!

Jessica Barber
Nicole Heffel
Camara Mathis
Alicia Iorio
Tasha Hamilton