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TJSL Student Organizations Unite in Support of Educating Girls

March 22, 2013

Girl Rising

A 2 1/2 minute movie trailer has brought several TJSL student organizations together in a collaborative effort to help raise awareness and support for the education of  young women around the world.  “Girl Rising” is scheduled for a special showing at the La Jolla 12 on Thursday, April 18 at 7:30pm.

But to be able to have this special screening, 81 tickets must be reserved before the April 4 deadline. TJSL students may count this event towards their Certificate of Global Legal Studies.

The 10×10 independent film created by some former ABC News Journalists along with Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins showcases the stories of nine girls from nine different countries demonstrating the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change our world.

According to the ABA, Women received 47.3% of the J.D.’s awarded from ABA schools for the 2011-2012 academic year. As law students, we understand that while women in our country continue to make strides by entering the legal profession, there are younger generations of girls in other parts of the world like Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who have to overcome unimaginable challenges just to obtain a basic education.

In October 2012, the Taliban shot 15-year-old Yousafzai in the face and neck simply because she maintained a blog where she voiced her support for educating girls like herself.

“Education is the key to female empowerment and continuing to overcome invisible boundaries created by outdated societal expectations around the world. It gives women the necessary tools to build confidence in themselves to become leaders and influence change,” said

Native American Law Students Association Treasurer Khouloud Elmasri 2L.

Risa Farrell, President of UCSD’s International Resource Committee initiated this event. “Our sisters’ voices must be heard, so I’m passionate about bringing “Girl Rising” here to San Diego so everyone can join with them to bring change to the world,” said Farrell.

“Educating girls is quite possibly the best investment society can make when attempting to alleviate issues of global poverty, hunger, crime, and inequality. Girls are more than just students; they’re powerful forces of change for their families, communities, and nations,” Farrell added.

“PILF has co-sponsored this event to help teach the San Diego community about the importance and strength of education. This film provides an empathetic view into the severe absence of education among young women throughout the world. The lack of education has forced these young women into positions of marriage, slavery and hopelessness,” said PILF President Kelly Hayes 3L.

Among the TJSL Student Organizations who have joined UCSD’s International Rescue Committee to co-sponsor this movie showing are the Women’s Law Association, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, La Raza Law Students Association, Public Interest Law Foundation, Immigration Law Society, Native American Law Students Association and Phi Alpha Delta.

“Social change requires collaborative efforts, therefore, the more united people are the bigger the influence and the more likely the message will spread,” added Elmasri.

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