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TJSL Student Reports from the 2014 Brazil World Cup

June 16, 2014

By Jason Barmasse 3L

Thomas Jefferson School of Law student Jason Barmasse 3L and, his brother, TJSL alum Justin Barmasse ’12 attended the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Brazil World Cup in Sao Paulo.

“After coming up short on the search for an internship in the field of sports this summer, my brother insisted I travel with him to the World Cup in June, a trip he had been planning for almost a year up to that point,” said Barmasse.

While in Brazil, Barmasse will report for The Fields of Green. “My father ran into my old little league coach and told him about my upcoming trip with my brother, and that I would be writing/blogging about my travels for the TJSL Center for Sports Law and Policy along the way,” said Barmasse. “Turns out, my former little league coach works for USA Today, and it just so happened that one of their sports digital media affiliates, The Fields of Green, was in need of a writer on the ground at the World Cup. The website is a sports blog that focuses on business, legal and financial issues in sports today.

“There are a myriad of legal issues surrounding the World Cup and FIFA,” said Barmasse. “Ranging anywhere from stadium and hotel preparations for the event, to player/participant compensation for playing, to marketing strategies of sponsors and non-sponsors of the World Cup. For the next 21 days, I will be on the ground at the games and walking around the host cities exploring these issues amongst others,” said Barmasse. “Scheduled interviews include a licensed Sao Paulo attorney, a law professor at the University of Sao Paulo, and, potentially, an attorney for Adidas, who is one of the largest World Cup sponsors.”

Jason Barmasse will be blogging about his trip to Brazil through