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TJSL Students Publish in LexisNexis’ Anti Money Laundering Guide

March 3, 2014

TJSL students Emmanuel Rayes and Ashley Paulson publish in LexisNexis’ Anti Mone
TJSL students Emmanuel Rayes and Ashley Paulson publish in LexisNexis’ Anti Mone

Emmanuel Rayes (3L) co-authored with Dr. David Utzke, Head of Virtual Currency and International Technical Specialist (Offshore Compliance) for the IRS,  the chapter “Virtual-Currency Regulatory Developments” which was published in Professor William Byrnes’ Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance — A Global Guide (LexisNexis). Ashley Paulson (3L), currently working in a DEA internship position, authored three chapters, including one on politically exposed persons (‘PEPs’). Rayes reported “Associate Dean William Byrnes provided many great resources in helping me prepare this publication. He has valuable connections in the legal and business fields not only in the USA but all over the world. Dean Byrnes introduced me to Dr. Utzke who is the leading expert in virtual-currencies for the IRS. Dr. Utzke provided me with guidance and insight which was pivotal in terms of the completion of this chapter.”

Paulson related “At the DEA one of my supervisors was impressed that I was working with Associate Dean William Byrnes. With the experience gained from my government work and from consulting other expert attorneys in this area, I was able to analyze three areas that Lexis is publishing as chapters: suspicious activity reporting (‘SAR’), currency transaction reporting (‘CTR’) and PEPS.”
“Virtual currencies are changing the way money is used between parties and how money operates,” Rayes described. “A great deal of attention and anticipation is surrounding this subject, comparable almost to the introduction of the internet.”
“After the Bar, I plan to stay involved with publishing as a Thomas Jefferson alumni,” declared Paulson. “I encourage students to attend Professor Byrnes’ lectures and learn about these unique opportunities for TJSL students.”
Rayes added, “I think that being a featured author in a publication that lawyers use is a resume game changer that will stand out from my peers at other law schools.  Having Dr. Utzke and Professor Byrnes as references will help open doors.”
“I agree”, said Paulson, “Having published chapters to provide firms and with references from my DEA supervisor and Professor Byrnes, I expect an easier transition into the career that led me to law school in the first place.”
“I match my Thomas Jefferson students with co-authorship opportunities in my graduate publication seminar that they may connect with professionals and begin to build a network,” explained Professor Byrnes.  “Over fifty Thomas Jefferson students are receiving hands-on training from Alexis Long and myself leveraging my various LexisNexis, National Underwriter, Wolters Kluwer, and Mertens publications.”
“I am hosting a Tax Society lunch on March 25th featuring renown European Court of Justice expert and author Dr. Dennis Weber and will discuss the next set of publication opportunities at that time for students who want to join the April online seminar,” said Professor Byrnes.