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TJSL Team Helps with Neighborhood Facelift

June 20, 2011

SDCBA Team Group Shot
Carmela Blair and Meggan Cunningham
Lacy J Lodes and Andrew Moher

There are older homes all over San Diego in need of a facelift.  And a whole block of older homes got “extreme makeovers” to their exteriors on a recent Saturday – thanks to a small army of volunteers that descended on Trojan Avenue in City Heights – including several TJSL alumni and students.

FaceLift is joint project between Community HousingWorks and various volunteer groups including the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) – which signed up the TJSL people.  It also includes neighborhood associations and local business leaders who all team up to “spruce–up–the–block–in–a–day.”

The volunteers not only painted exteriors, but did minor landscaping, and trash and debris removal from the entire work area – giving priority assistance to senior citizens, disabled persons, and low income families.

“It is a great opportunity for volunteers to get dirty and do some muscle work to help rejuvenate the appearances of many homes in certain areas of the city,” said TJSL alumna Carmela Blair ’09.  “As a native San Diegan, participating in the FaceLift project allows me to give back to the community that has given me so much.”

“June FaceLift 2011was a great way to spend my Saturday morning,” said TJSL alumna Lacy J Lodes ’08.  “I ran into several old colleagues that I had lost touch with since law school, and met a few new attorneys.  We had a great time painting, laughing, and catching up.  And seeing the look on the lady’s face after we fixed her house, priceless.”

“This was the third time I have participated in the event, and it is always such a rewarding experience,” said TJSL alumna Caron Woodward ‘06, who is the Community Service Chair for the Real Property Section of the SDCBA. “The homeowners are so grateful, and at the end of the day, you can really see a change in the neighborhood. We are able to instill such a sense of pride to the people living in the area. It is also a good chance to get out in the sunshine and get to know some of your colleagues, while also giving back to the community. “