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TJSL Welcomes Russian Law Students

January 16, 2013

Russian Students

Danil Petrukh and Sophia Malysheva are both from Siberia, but they weren’t ready for the cold weather they encountered when they arrived in San Diego recently and didn’t bring enough warm clothes. 

“We were unprepared for this weather,” Malysheva said, even though they both come from a place that is synonymous with cold weather.
Petrukh and Malysheva are both law students at the Siberian Federal University and are studying here at TJSL for a month under a grant from the Russian Minister of Education.

“We really like the school (TJSL) and we appreciate the opportunity to be here,” said Malysheva.

“I am both inspired and admired,” said Petrukh, who is inspired to be at TJSL and who admires the law school, “the city, the building, the people – everything.”

“This is a pretty good place to study,” said Malysheva. “There is everything for students here.”

Petrukh and Malysheva are both doing individual research on bankruptcy law, working with Professor Chris Guzelian and Assistant Dean Arnold Rosenberg.

If you see either Danil or Sophia around, please make them feel welcome!