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TJSL’s Amy Louttit 3L Honored at Lawyers Club of San Diego Holiday Luncheon

December 13, 2012

Amy Louttit Accepts the Lawyers Club Women and the Law Project Scholarship
TJSL Associate Dean Kransberger Introduces Amy Louttit
Professor Joy Delman, Amy Louttit, Associate Dean Beth Kransberger
TJSL's Table at the Holiday Luncheon
Amy Louttit with her boyfriend Nik Djordjerski

Amy Louttit stood proudly as the TJSL student accepted the Lawyers Club of San Diego Women and the Law Project at Thomas Jefferson School of Law Scholarship at the Lawyers Club’s 30th Annual Holiday Luncheon on December 13th, a very festive occasion for all who attended.

“It is my distinct honor to get to introduce you to her today,” said TJSL’s Associate Dean Beth Kransberger. “As legal educators, we are often privy to moments of transcendence and magic as we provide opportunities for others.  I am delighted to say this is one of those transcendent moments for me today.”

Louttit, who is going into her third year of law school, has spent many years working with put-at-risk kids and says she has never really been recognized for any of her accomplishments.

Today was the day. She received a $2,000 scholarship from TJSL to help with the expense of tuition and books. Louttit joins TJSL alumni Catrina Skor ’11 and Elizabeth Knowles ’12 as recipients of this scholarship award.

As she spoke to the large audience, Louttit said. “It is really exciting to be able to recognize my own support group here.”  She especially singled out TJSL Professor Joy Delman, whom she considers a mentor.

“She made me cry,” said Professor Delman. “While I’m honored to serve as Amy’s mentor, her passion and her success at such an early stage in her career serve as an inspiration to me! I am grateful to have a student who is not just learning law, but applying it in real-life situations that help those who need her services. She is extraordinary.”

Louttit says she is honored to receive the scholarship, and her pride is justifiable after the difficult road she traveled to reach law school.

“It feels really good. I’ve overcome a lot to be here,” said Louttit.  “I’ve had good female role models, especially teachers, who have encouraged me to have the strength and independence to have confidence in myself. I came to California alone at age 17, after leaving a difficult household situation in South Carolina. I graduated from high school a year early, and then went to Humboldt State. I served two years with AmeriCorps and I fell in love with the homeless kids I worked with there. I developed amazing bonds with some special kids.”

Louttit refers to her internship at the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth as “my dream job!”  She also serves as the Event Chair for TJSL’s Law Students for Reproductive Justice student organization.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law established this annual scholarship in collaboration with Lawyers Club of San Diego, a non-profit specialty bar association seeking to advance the status of women in the law, to support and improve the administration of justice and to promote equality of women and men in our society. The scholarship is awarded to a TJSL student in good standing who demonstrates support of the mission of Lawyers Club and is academically among the top 50% of his or her law school class.

Congratulations to Amy from everyone in the TJSL family!