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TJSL’s Annual Judicial Officers Mixer is a Hit

October 24, 2011

Commissioner Gary Bloch '81 and Judge Browder Willis '83
Commissioner Gary Bloch '81 and Judge Carlos Armour
Judge's Mixer
Judges Polly Shamoon, Carlos Armour, Margie Woods and Carolyn Caietti

One thing the law students who attended TJSL’s annual Judicial Officers Mixer learned is that judges don’t bite.

“No, they don’t bite,” said 2L Lindsay Volk. “It’s nice to see the faces of San Diego’s court system in this beautiful event space. I really appreciate these types of events.”

“It puts a lot of students at ease to rub shoulders with judges and to see they are real people who are not going to bite your head off,” said 2L Dimitri Hurt. “It’s neat to see their real personalities without the robes.”

“They are really friendly and personable,” said 3L Elisabeth Donovan. “It’s inspirational to see so many judges with so many different backgrounds.”

The mixer was held Thursday evening, October 20, on the eighth-floor outdoor terrace of TJSL’s new downtown campus, with its dazzling view of the city and its spacious plant bedecked area to mingle and network.

The many Superior Court judges and one commissioner who attended seemed to enjoy the Alumni Relations-sponsored event as much as the students.

“We all enjoyed the interaction with the students,” said Superior Court Commissioner Gary Bloch ’81, who plays a major role in organizing this annual event.  “And the judges are all impressed with the law school.”

“I like the students,” said Judge Christine Goldsmith of the Family Court, who spoke to a group of students about the importance of legal writing. “I love simple, clearly stated writing,” she said.

The advice was duly noted by the students with whom she spoke.

“I got really good advice from Judge Goldsmith,” said1L Bri Wodiske. “Having the opportunity to speak with the judges is a privilege.”

“She was open, conversational and willing to engage with students,” said 1L Nathan Camuti after speaking with Judge Goldsmith.

“I enjoy speaking to the students, easing their minds and lessening their stress about what they are about to embark upon,” said Superior Court Judge Browder Willis ’83 of the 1Ls with whom he spoke. Judge Willis said some students asked him about the best way to embark on the path to serving on the bench. “Guard your reputation,” he said. “And be competent 24/7.”

“It’s amazing,” 3L Noel Heard said of the event. “Amazing because just for the judges to take the time to meet with TJSL students is refreshing. They are passionate and interested in what we are doing. I’m inspired.”

If the goal of the mixer was to make law students feel comfortable around judges, then it was “mission accomplished.”

“It’s a great event,” said Commissioner Bloch.

And it’s true: judges don’t bite.