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Top Law Schools for Externships

November 5, 2010


Thomas Jefferson School of Law was named one of the top law schools for placing its students in externships by National Jurist Magazine! There were 20 schools ranked in order of placements for their full-time students and TJSL was ranked number 12.

An externship is designed to expose lawyers-in-training to actual casework, giving them the practical skills and hands-on training necessary to be successful in the legal profession. Students are given the opportunity to do research, draft legal documents and in some cases, appear in court, all while under the supervision of a practicing attorney. The areas of practice vary from criminal prosecution and defense, civil litigation, child welfare and custody, business law and contracts.

Externships not only give students the chance to gain “real life experience,” but they also build mentoring opportunities. Many students have been able to start their careers by fostering the relationships they’ve built while working for potential employers.

Thomas Jefferson is committed to helping its students increase their job prospects and have a successful transition into their respective career goals!