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Two TJSL Students to Intern in University Athletics Departments

May 7, 2013

Two TJSL Students to Intern in University Athletics Departments

By Randolph C. Reliford, Esq., Associate Director of Career Services

This summer second-year student Samantha Birkner (2L) and first-year student Alyssa Casiple (1L) will embark on exciting compliance internships with area universities in their athletics departments. Samantha Birkner received an impressive opportunity with Point Loma Nazarene University to work as its compliance intern. Casiple was recently selected by University of California, San Diego to work in its Department of Athletics as a compliance intern.

Birkner will be assisting the University with its bid to become an NCAA institution. “I am enthusiastic about working with PLNU as they are in their 2nd year of candidacy for Division II athletics with the NCAA,” said Birkner. “Because of my passion for athletics and sports law, I am eager to be a part of the various compliance challenges ahead of them: working on the compliance manual, updating the procedures, and preparing for the next NCAA visit. I will also work with educating the coaches on eligibility rules and other aspects of compliance.” 

Casiple will be working with Abrina Wheatfall ‘11 and Katherine McGann, Associate Athletics Director. Casiple was selected during a competitive interview process for the year-long internship and is looking forward to working with UCSD. “I am extremely excited about the opportunity to intern in the field of athletic compliance,” said Casiple. “The field is interesting and engaging and I am thrilled to be in the environment of NCAA sports. I hope to gain experience in NCAA athletics and compliance so that I can pursue a future career in the sports law area.”

Both Birkner and Casiple will use the skills they develop during these internships to apply for careers in collegiate athletics. Administrators in collegiate athletics must rely on strong communication, reasoning, research and writing abilities. A career in athletic compliance is an excellent way to utilize the skills you developed in law school. The Career Services Office developed internship opportunities with several area Athletics Departments in compliance and it helps alumni obtain full-time positions with NCAA Athletics programs. 

If you have questions about applying for a compliance internship or full-time opportunity, please schedule an appointment with a member of Career Services. 

Join us all in congratulating and wishing success for both Birkner and Casiple!