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Vik Monder ‘11 Talks Success

September 12, 2014

Vik Monder ‘11 is a first generation born American whom has always understood the value in excelling scholastically. His father quickly taught him that going to college and obtaining a degree is the best way to succeed and reach the American Dream.

Monder attended the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and quickly thereafter pursued a law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2011. Soon after, Monder received his masters in law (LL.M.) at California Western School of Law in Trial Advocacy.

Since obtaining his degree Monder has started his own law firm The Monder Law Group, has been nationally acclaimed as one of the top 40 trial lawyers under 40 and given the recognition as one of the 2015 rising stars by Super Lawyers Magazine. Monder also sits on the board of several recognized organizations that have a significant presence in San Diego.

“The most exciting and rewarding part of my job is that I am able to fulfill my dream of helping others,” said Monder. “I continue to learn more about criminal law and use this knowledge towards advancing my career as a San Diego criminal defense attorney. I have worked with top attorneys to advance my criminal trial skills. I understand the importance of networking and I am able to adapt to the ever-changing laws to get the best results for my clients.”

Monder became interested in criminal defense because it was a field of law that he was passionate about. Criminal defense was a great opportunity for him to provide legal solutions to San Diegans facing tough situations.

“I have learned that knowledge is power. When one is knowledgeable in the field of law, they are more aware of their rights and better suited to protect themselves from unfair treatment and punishment. Criminal defense is a great way for me to provide my clients a service where I can fight for them relentlessly.”

Monder has many fond memories of his time at TJSL. “Thomas Jefferson professors and clinical education programs influenced and helped shape where I am now,” said Monder. “The professors at Thomas Jefferson School of Law come from some of the most astounding schools including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. I learned a great deal from these trained professionals in order to recognize how to make great arguments and understand the law. Professor Anders Kaye inspired me to enter the field of criminal law with his elaborate discussions and great teaching style. The Career Services Office was helpful in placing me in externships, but I soon realized that nothing is better than being your own boss.” Monder gives back to his law school by offering externship opportunities to top tier law students at TJSL.

“The advice I give graduates and bar takers is to keep studying and sharpening your skills, and within time you will be awarded the success you have been striving to attain. It took a lot of work to finish law school, pass the bar, and start my own law firm. Confidence in your law school training will get you to the goals that you are hoping to reach.”

Monder serves as the Principal and Managing Attorney of Monder Law Group. He and his group are dedicated to utilizing all aspects of the judicial process to achieve positive results.