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Week 3 Basketball Game Notes

February 14, 2014

Week 3 of Basketball

Game 1: 12pm

StinkyPinkies v. Malicious Tortfeasors

Score: 57-31


For the first game of the day, the StinkyPinkies came out hard with their pink headbands and sweatbands to immediately jump out to an early lead.  This game was not really about the awesome hands of Dan Hasson or Tim the Stealer Seeger but really about Sammie Eyde who dominated the boards!

Coming together as a team Danny Saleah really pulled a Rodman with his attitude of invincibility but shot free throws like Shaq… going 0-6 from the line.  When questioned about their lack of players on the Malicious Tortfeasors, they replied that all their starters were at the All Star Break. How unfortunate.

Team spokesman Seeger from the Stinkies commented that Randy retired with 5 minutes of the second half to go, Sammie dropped the hammer and that he himself has gone and will end the season with 100% from the 3 point line. (Editors Note: He has only taken 1 shot from the 3 point line.)

Game 2: 1pm

Hoop Amjurs v. Cal West #2

Score: 62-15


This blowout of a game started with a turnover and ended with a 62-15 score in favor of the Hoop Amjurs.

When asked to comment Hoop Amjurs declined because they had to switch gears and start scouting the next team to play.

When asked to comment CW #2 said that they were down the whole game and called out the ref for making no calls in their favor.

Kissey Face commented “ I got nothing left”.

Hopefully next week turns out better for them.

Game 3: 2pm

Torts Illustrated v. Tommy J’s

Score: 38 v. 36


The house was packed and the gym was rocking with noise that you could not even hear your own heartbeat during this epic game.  It came down to a buzzer beater 3 point shot from Cliff Young who got nothing but net on the outside shot.

It was a heated game from the beginning with Torts Illustrated having about 10 people on their bench versus the lean Tommy J’s who were playing with a  man down. Tommy J’s led the entire game until that amazing under pressure 3 point shot.

When asked about the heart-breaking loss, the Tommy-J’s wanted to call out all their teammates who did not show up for the game and that they won’t ever forgive them for this epic letdown.

Torts Illustrated commented that Tommy J’s can friggin PLAY!

Game 4: 3pm

1L of a Team v. Cal West #3

Score: Forfeit: 1L of a Team records a win

Game 5: 4pm

Cal West #1 v. Crim Pros

Score: 28-72


During this extremely fast moving game the Crim Pros proved that they were all about the lay-ups. Bobby came out hard trying to prove himself from the mediocre soccer season and he did with over 20 points, assists and steals leading to his teams victory.

When asked about the win Bobby said that he had at least 30. Maybe next time he will bring his own stat-keeper.

CW #1 commented that the Crim Pros really had good coaching; good ball handling, and were just overall good. When asked about their own performance they went on to say, “they just like to live life. Life is good.”

Good motto guys… keep it up and maybe you will be able to win a basketball game or two.

Game 6: 5pm

Court Defenders v. Cal West #4

Score: 42-53


For the last game of the day, it was an exciting game to watch and I am sure it was exciting to play. 

Comments from the game from CW#4 or AKA 3 Shades of Blue were excitement that Laura made a basket! And that the physical toll was better than the mental toll of law school.  Some comments from the bench included shouting that Kennedy loves the ground… in which he was constantly on, going to or coming from some type of fall.

When Court Defenders were asked about the game they replied with it being a fun day and mumbled about other things that were inaudible to the interviewer.