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Exam Breakaway Relaxes Students

Published: December 07, 2010
Exam Breakaway
2L Laura Enriquez

Nothing beats the time between exams for a law student like being fed and fussed over by the school.

That’s what Exam Breakaway is all about. Complete with a buffet of comfort food like chili and chair massages.

“I love it,” said 2L Parker Smith, a plate of custom built potato skins in his hands. “It’s a good break from the exams and a generous gesture by the school.”

“It’s to comfort the students and give them the energy to get them ready for finals,” said Julie Garrett of Student Services, who is somewhat of a Fairy Godmother to the students.  "We like 'em fed and full!"

2L Britt Roberts was still glowing as she walked away from the massage chair. “It was so relaxing,” she said. “I’m ready to go back to the library and study. We are working so hard – it’s so nice to have this little study break.”

You could call it “chillin’ with the chili.”