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Student Organization Day

Published: August 31, 2010

What a rush!

Our student organizations are the lifeblood of the experience here at TJSL and the organization fair attracted a large crowd. Student Bar Association president Jeremy Evans wrote this item for us:

Meet Your Student Organizations! By Jeremy M. Evans Student Bar Association, President Student Organization Day was another great success! Julie Garrett and Student Services did amazing work in getting everything organized and put together! This year there were more students and student organizations in the courtyard than we have ever seen before.

The 35 student organizations were well prepared and shared interesting information about their missions. Each group provided some type of food or candy that was representative of their organization or just a warm welcoming for the students. For example, MELSA (Middle Eastern Law Students Association) provided some delicious treats like Turkish Delight, while IPLA (Intellectual Property Law Association) provided popsicles. Overall, a great start to the year!