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Farewell to Vito Petitti

Published: December 15, 2011
Farewell to Vito Petitti
Vito Petitti with his son Nick

TJSL said farewell to the Vito Petitti, and adjunct professor and Assistant Director of Bar Programs on December 15 at a special reception on the 8th floor of the law school.

Faculty and staff members lined up to shake his hand, hug him, and tell him how much they will miss him – especially his unfailingly positive attitude and good-naturedness.

Petitti, a TJSL graduate, is moving to New Jersey with his family to be closer to his wife’s father, who is not in the best of health right now.

Petitti will be taking the New Jersey bar, then going into private practice.

Petitti’ s 13-year-old son Nick was with him at the reception, and they were looking forward to a car trip to the east coast hitting some major landmarks on the way, such as the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore.

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law is the best thing could have happened to me,” Petitti said when asked for a parting comment.