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Professor Tiefenbrun's Students Embrace CASE Initiative Cause

Published: February 02, 2012
Professor Tiefnenbrun's Women & International Human Rights Class

Professor Susan Tiefenbrun’s Women and International Human Rights Law class has embraced the proposed CASE Act proposition that would significantly toughen laws against human trafficking in California.  CASE is an acronym for Californians Against Sexual Exploitation.

Professor Susan Tiefenbrun is a well-known advocate of tougher laws against human trafficking in any form, and she invited Kath Rogers, who is the Volunteer Coordinator for California Against Slavery in San Diego County to appear in the class to explain the proposition and to gather signatures for the CASE petition.  Everyone in the classroom signed and embraced the concept of the proposed law.

“I am so inspired by Professor Tiefenbrun's longtime advocacy on behalf of women exploited by the international sex trade, and it is an honor to work with her and her students to help end the violent human trafficking industry in our own state,” said Rogers.  “I look forward to passing around the petition at upcoming human rights events at TJSL in the month ahead!”

The CASE initiative needs approximately 400,000 signatures to qualify for the November 2012 state ballot.

“In signing the petition, you are advocating stricter laws to protect people who are trafficked for sex, labor and other purposes,” said Professor Tiefenbrun. “Until we have these laws, these victims won’t receive adequate protection. Human trafficking is increasing and the deterrence is just not there because the perpetrators just aren’t being prosecuted.”

To sign the CASE petition online, go to: