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It’s an Honor to Honor our Students

Published: October 30, 2012
Honors Reception
Dean Rudy Hasl with Rachel King, Husband Dan Olszko, Daughter Kaya and Son Adam

Honoring our honor roll students has become a tradition at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

The students who are on the Distinguished Honor Roll and Honor Roll for the Spring and Summer 2012 semesters were given a ceremony on October 29 and photographed holding their certificates with Dean Rudy Hasl.

“This does not happen without an enormous amount of effort on your part,” said Dean Hasl at the ceremony. “Today we are putting the spotlight on your accomplishments – congratulations to each of you.”

The dean also spoke to the honor students about the law school’s new incubator program to help establish graduates in solo practice.

“It may be the ideal opportunity to build a set of skills to build the kind of career you desire,” the dean said. And speaking of our Career Services Department, he urged the students to “use our resources to help you get to where you want to be career-wise.”

The students were all smiles while getting their picture taken with the dean. One of the honorees, Rachel King, was photographed with her husband and two children!

“My honors award is for my family,” said King ‘2L. “Without them I wouldn't be successful in life or in law school. I couldn't do any of this without the support of my husband, or from my children who continuously remind me to take breaks and add balance to my life. I always make sure to take time off. I study during the week, but take the weekends off to play and I think that helps me focus better. I am so happy that they get to see that everything they do for me is paying off. I really think the award is for them. I love bringing them to the award ceremony so they can receive the award also.”

“It's an honor to be recognized for academic achievement!,”  said honor student  Sevy Fisher ‘3L. “It makes it even more special when you have other things to balance in your life, such as a significant other and/or a job.  I do not have any children but I think the majority of the credit should be given to those rare few who are on this list and do have the obligation of children and/or a spouse and job. “

“The honor means a lot as is it is really nice to recognized for all of the hard work myself and others have put in during the semester,” said honor student Lindsay Demery’ 3L. “Excelling in school in addition to work commitments, family and social commitments, and involvement in other extra-curricular activities takes a lot of dedication and commitment. It is nice to see that the school supports its students and recognizes our dedication and commitment to our studies.”

After the ceremony, the honor students were treated to a special champagne and dessert reception on the 8th floor board room and terrace.  It was a chance to unwind together and reflect on their great achievements.

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