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TJSL Honors our Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll Students

Published: April 26, 2013
Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll
Center: Rachel King (2L) with Husband Dan, children Adam 2, Kaya 8, Abby (on the way) and Dean Kransberger

“Today we honor our best and brightest with this Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll Awards Ceremony, said Associate Dean Beth Kransberger as she greeted honor students and their families on Thursday, April 25. “Today we recognize them for their academic achievement for the Fall 2012 term.”  

Dean Kransberger asked students to “look around because these are going to be some of your trusted colleagues in the legal profession. These are colleagues that will refer business to you. These are colleagues that you will turn to when you are in the weeds. These are folks that will be trusted allies and support systems and in some instances co-workers and colleagues,” said Dean Kransberger.  

"I am honored to sit in the room with such accomplished people and to be able to count myself as one of them,” said Michelle Mance (1L). “It feels great to be acknowledged for all of the blood, sweat and tears we all put into this past semester and to be patted on the back for a job well done!"  

“It took a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve honor roll and it felt great to be acknowledged for it,” said Alyssa Casiple (1L). “The room was full of such brilliant and successful students and it was an honor to be there with them.”   

“It was amazing to be recognized for the time and the effort I put into my studies last semester," said Cassandra Sutliff (1L). “I surpassed my personal academic goal, and I cannot wait to continually strive for more with the continued support of all of those at TJSL.”  Travis Davis (3L) said he was impressed with the variety of honorees. "It was great to see both first year students and upcoming graduates. It shows that we all work hard from the moment we get here, and we don't let up."  

Tristan Lloyd (2L) explains that although going to law school and having a family, at times, can be difficult, he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I was excited to receive the recognition and have people ask ‘how do you do it while having a family and kids?’" said Lloyd. “Honestly, I think they are the only reason I have done as well as I have. They are my motivation, and they keep me sane. Getting this award is important, but being able to share the experience with my wife and daughters is what made it worthwhile.”  

Rachel King (2L) who has been on the honor roll every year since she started law school says she is also proud to be a student and parent. “The award ceremony is my daughter's favorite part of law school. So I tell her that in order to be invited she has to let me study and most of the time she listens,” said King. “I wouldn't be successful in law school if it weren't for the support and patience of my husband and kids. This award has my name on it, but it really belongs to all of them.”  

"We all worked hard to get here, said Brett Bettesworth (3L). “Still, the best part of all of this is to be named among such an amazing group of individuals."  

“My last year at TJSL is bitter-sweet but the feeling of accomplishment hopefully will be never- ending,” said Kevin Kampschror (3L).  

And to sum things up William Richards (3L) gives advice to all students: "Pursue your passions, work hard, and the rewards will naturally follow."  

Each student had their photo taken with Dean Kransberger by professional photographer Dave Siccardi when receiving their honors certificate. Each Honor Roll recipient will receive notice when the photos are available for pick up in the Student Services Office.