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Internship in Geneva, Switzerland for Stephannie Obioha (1L)

Published: May 03, 2013
Obiaha Internship
Stephannie Obioha (1L) Will Intern in Geneva, Switzerland

Stephannie Obioha (1L) will be doing an internship in Geneva, Switzerland this summer at WaterLex, a non-governmental Swiss organization dealing with water governance and human rights, affiliated with the United Nations.

“I am originally from West Africa’s Nigeria, so as a foreign national, I've always been interested in international law as well as environmental law,” said Obioha. “A Swiss contact of mine was able to get me in touch with the chairman of WaterLex, who was delighted to have me intern with their lawyers in terms of the legal aspects of the organization.”

According to its official website, the mission of WaterLex is “sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide.”

“I'm looking forward to this incredibly amazing opportunity to learn whatever I can and implement it into my legal portfolio!” Obioha added.