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Alumni Association Hosts Bar Support Breakfast

Published: July 30, 2015

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the Thomas Jefferson Alumni Association hosted a breakfast on the 5th floor in the student lounge for alumni studying for the 2015 summer Bar Exam. "Twice a year the Alumni Association hosts the Bar Support Breakfast and it is always a wonderful experience to break bread with our recent Alumni who are about to take the bar exam," said Alumni Association President, Jeremy Evans '11.

Overall, at least twenty bar-studiers attended the breakfast and commiserated, exchanged advice, and most of all provided much-needed support. Attendees fueled their last Saturday of bar study by enjoying an assortment of pastries, donuts, a yogurt and fruit bar, assorted juices and of course, coffee.

Brian Findley ‘07, Co-Chair of the Career Planning Committee, said, “These recent grads are the lifeblood of our Alumni Association. We want to help them succeed in any way we can. Sometimes that’s just a cup of coffee and a pat on the back. We’ve all been in their position, gearing up to take the bar, and we know the intense personal pressure that puts you under. We want them to know they don’t face this alone.”  Professors Thomas Golden, Steve Berenson, and Ellen Waldman attended as well as Director of Bar Preparation Blair Matsumoto, and Assistant Dean of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Karen Harkins. “You've trained for this for a long time -- at least three years -- and you all know more than you think you do. Believe in yourselves and get 'er done!” encouraged Communications Committee Co-Chair, Amanda Thompson '07. 

"I'm glad I came. I can really feel the support.” said bar-studier Farah Ghaibi. “We hope they all felt supported by their Alumni Association,” said Thompson.