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Syrian Refugee Crisis

During the conflict in Syria, approximately 220,000 people have been killed while 12.8 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian...
By Mahsa Kashkooly, 2L | October 1, 2015

What's in a Word

Without referencing a dictionary, can you define the word terror? If you can, I envy your seemingly eidetic memory. If you can’t its ok;...
By Shawn Bakshi | March 27, 2015
Save Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo Controversy

On January 7, 2015, France fell victim to a vicious terrorist attack.  Three suspects attacked the weekly satirical newspaper, Charlie...
By Adam Spera | February 20, 2015
ISIS Global Current Events

Obama's War on ISIS

New York, NY- Late last month, President Barack H. Obama, addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Acknowledging that the world faces...
By Shawn Bakshi | October 13, 2014
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