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SBA's Annual Halloween Party

Halloween is best known as the time to grab some friends and family and head door-to-door for some yummy snacks that could cause more...
By Robert Lopez, 3L | November 16, 2015

UPCOMING: Notable dates to remember in November

The month of November is full of fun days that may also be a great opportunity to score some free food! November 3, 2015 –  National...
By Shelby Scheider Editor-in Chief | November 16, 2015
Misty Copeland, photo by Nisian Hughes

Body Shaming: More Than Our Bodies

Body shaming is an “urban dictionary” term used to describe behavior that critiques, generalizes, demeans or otherwise shames women who do...
By Stacy James, 1L | November 16, 2015
Blurred Lines MTV

"Blurred Lines" Sampling Clear by Verdict

Listening to your favorite song(s) on the radio you may instantly notice a song from decades ago that your parents or grandparents use to...
By Brittany Brewer | March 27, 2015
Mister A's

5 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

This year Barristers Ball doesn’t fall on Valentine’s Day, which means we have to come up with our own plans for celebrating Valentine’s...
By Melanie Anderson | February 20, 2015
Bill Cosby

Public Opinion Clouds Bill Cosby's Legacy

It is an innate thought to associate educational, uplifting and groundbreaking television sitcoms such as “Fat Albert,” “A Different World...
By Brittany Brewer | February 20, 2015
The Interview

The Interview

There has been a lot of discussion about Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie, The Interview, regarding First Amendment protections and...
By Shawn Bakshi | February 20, 2015

Wear This, Not That

As law students, we are part of a different community and that different community has standards. We are preparing to enter the legal field...
By Nallely Ocampo | November 10, 2014
Kesha, Dr. Luke, Lawsuit, sexual assault

Lawsuit Battle: Kesha v. Dr. Luka

"Tick-tock”, singer Kesha has decided to file a lawsuit against her producer Lasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), who has produced several chart-...
By Brittany Brewer | November 10, 2014
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