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Templin at Osher

Professor Ben Templin Presents at UC San Diego's Osher Institute

On April 17, TJSL Professor Ben Templin gave a presentation at UC San Diego’s Osher Institute titled Social Security Reform. The Social...
By | April 27, 2012
Professor Greenberg

Prof. Greenberg Speaks on Intersexuality at UCSD's Osher Institute

On April 3, TJSL Professor Julie Greenberg delivered a talk at UC San Diego’s Osher Institute, titled, “What Makes a Man a Man and a Woman...
By | April 11, 2012
US and Torture

Professor Cohn's United States and Torture Released in Paperback

Professor Cohn's widely praised book, The United States and Torture (NYU Press) has just come out in paperback. She is the editor and co-...
By | April 10, 2012
Prof. Bisom-Rapp in Italy

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp Presents at Conference in Modena, Italy

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp returned to the Marco Biagi Foundation at the University of Modena in Modena, Italy to participate in  The Tenth...
By | March 26, 2012
Professor Tiefenbrun's Books

Professor Tiefenbrun Publishes Two New Books

Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor Susan Tiefenbrun is proud to announce the publication of two new books, Tax Free Trade Zones of...
By | March 9, 2012
The Global Workplace II

New Edition of Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp's Global Workplace Text

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp announced the publication on March 14th of the Second Edition of The Global Workplace – International and...
By | March 7, 2012
Steven Hill

U.N. Legal Counsel Steven Hill at TJSL

By Susanne Prochazka On Monday, February 20, Steven Hill, Counselor for Legal Affairs at U.S. Mission to the UN, discussed “The View From...
By | March 1, 2012
WLC 2012 Program

Women and The Law Conference is Inspiring to Attendees

“Inspiring.”  “Unforgettable.”  “Enlightening.”  “Informative.”  “Amazing speakers.”  “This was surely one of the best Women and the Law...
By | February 27, 2012
Professor Greenberg / Intersexuality

Professor Greenberg's Book: Widespread Interest & Critical Acclaim

Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor Julie Greenberg’s new book Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters  has attracted widespread...
By | January 30, 2012
Prof. Bisom-Rapp in Cahicago

Professor Bisom-Rapp in Chicago

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp spoke at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association on January 8, in Chicago...
By | January 9, 2012