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Identity or Association: A Choice Faced By Every Student Organization

Thomas Jefferson has recently undertaken a campaign to reinvigorate the School’s image. In doing so, the School’s administration has hired...
By Donny Samporna, 3L | November 16, 2015

Activism or Just Being an Asshole

Hacktivist collective group “Anonymous” has vowed to release contact information for approximately 1,000 people alleged to be members of...
By Shelby Scheider Editor-in Chief | November 16, 2015

Is Daylight Savings Time Bad for Your Health?

On Sunday November 2, Californian’s gained an extra hour of sleep with the ending of Daylight Savings Time (“DST”). As many people...
By Shelby Scheider Editor-in Chief | November 16, 2015
RF Health and Student Life

Health and Student Life

Most law students begin their academic career sitting down to review their law school applications.  Then when first year begins, the...
By Ruby Fa’agau, 2L | October 1, 2015
LP Study Abroad

China Study Abroad

The China study abroad program is a fantastic opportunity that I had the chance to be apart of. It is incredible to be able to live in a...
By Lauren Pevehouse, 3L | October 1, 2015
JI Study Abroad

My Summer Study Abroad

This summer I was lucky enough to travel to both China and France through the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Study Abroad program.  The...
By Justin Issac, 2L | October 1, 2015
Kim Davis

Kim Davis: It Is Time to Act

Kim Davis is not Rosa Parks.  She is not a martyr, nor is she a hero.  Kim Davis is the bus driver who refused to do his job when Rosa...
By Jesse Schiffman, 1L | October 1, 2015
Photo: Paul Taggart/Bloomberg, via Getty Images

Necessity and the Right to Control Distribution: The $750/Pill AIDS Medication

8,000 people, along with the rest of the world, were shocked when they woke up one morning last month.  Daraprim, a medication used to...
By Donny Samporna, 3L | October 1, 2015
Passing the Bar

Passing the Bar: Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Law School

In 2010, The California Bar Journal and the American Bar Association (ABA) published articles listing a study done by the National...
By Stacy James, 1L | October 1, 2015
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Syrian Refugee Crisis

During the conflict in Syria, approximately 220,000 people have been killed while 12.8 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian...
By Mahsa Kashkooly, 2L | October 1, 2015


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