Diversity Fellowship Program - A Joint Effort of ACC-SD and the SDCBA

Interested in a great opportunity? San Diego County Bar Association & Association of Corporate Counsel – San Diego DIVERSITY...
By Jeremy Evans | January 5, 2015
Philip A. Shapiro

What Has Changed in 25 Years of Practicing Law?

Actually, I have been practicing over 26 years, but, the above title sounded better. I started practicing in 1988, fortunately, I was hired...
By Philip A. Shapiro | January 5, 2015
Sex, Drugs, Affirmative Consent, Yes Means Yes

Sex, Drugs, & Affirmative Consent

“In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who...
By Shawn Bakshi | November 10, 2014
Attorney, Kristen Roberts, Trestle Law

Life in the Law with Alumna Kristen Roberts

If you came up to me 10 years ago, and asked me what I thought I would be doing with my life, law firm owner and practicing attorney...
By Kristen Roberts | November 10, 2014
Gun Control v. Mental Health

Spera Speaks

Gun control has become a very sensitive topic in today’s media, particularly because of the heinous actions taken by certain disturbed...
By Adam Spera | November 10, 2014
Ferguson, Brown, Powell and Missouri

Stop! Freeze!

“Oh my God, they just killed this man... they could have tazed or shot him in the leg, they shot him repeatedly.” Michael Davis, St. Louis...
By Shawn Bakshi | November 10, 2014
Addicted to Social Media

Social Media and its Grip on University Students

I consider myself an active member of what I like to call, “Generation 5 Minutes Ago.”  We are those who don’t possess the patience to wait...
By Melanie Anderson | October 14, 2014

A Minority Review on TJSL Restructuring

Interpretation is at the heart of the law. It is the task, we soon-to-be attorneys, must master in order to communicate the law and...
By Lauren Audette | October 13, 2014

Food Review: Bottega Americano

With curiosity brewing over the last six months (okay, more like the last two years since I came to TJSL), we all have been at the edge of...
By Lauren Audette | October 13, 2014
Your right to remain silent...

Your Right to Remain Silent Requires More Than Silence

If Police arrest you, you choose to remain silent, and Police do not Mirandize you... can your silence be used against you? Yep, per the...
By Eric Ganci | October 13, 2014
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