Better Than Your Mother's Brisket at Ritual Tavern

If I tell you this, you have to promise not to tell my mother. Do you promise? Okay. Here it is. I may have had the best brisket of my...
By Sarah Stewart-Bussey | September 22, 2011

"California Love" or "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"?

I was working out fairly hard in Fit Athletic’s Crossfit room when a guy plugged his iPod into the room’s sound system.  Tupac’s...
By Thomas Bollman | September 22, 2011

Forward Move

When the students of Thomas Jefferson School of Law elected me as Student Bar Association President, I remember feeling a great sense of...
By Jeremy Evans | May 3, 2011
Behold, the iPad in all its glory!

The iPad: "I Need It For School and Other Things".

I’m what the tech-blogs and forums have dubbed an “Apple fanboy”. When Apple unveiled the iPad on January 27th, 2010, I wanted one...
By | April 21, 2011
Media Overload


Looking at one of my typical days is a bit disheartening. Not in the sense that I do not appreciate where I am, what I’ve overcome, my...
By Jon Cooper | April 21, 2011
It's all about the Pizza

No, I Don't Want Pizza

I am a chunky monkey.  In case you’re confused, I have a long list of ways to describe different levels of larger-than-“normal” body...
By Allyson Evans | April 21, 2011

3L Manifesto

I applied to be the 1L Manifesto writer in 2008. I felt like the column would be reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s column in Sex and the...
By | April 21, 2011
Mission Beach, San Diego, California

Stuck for Summer?

We all remember being in elementary school, anxiously waiting the few precious months with no school, no responsibilities. We’d sleep...
By Amanda Pollard | April 21, 2011
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